(EN) – Pokemon GO Glossary: Key Terminology You Should Know | thebitbag.com


The Pokemon GO gaming app has virtually beaten every noteworthy app in the Play Store including Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat. While the original Pokemon game from the 90s needed handheld consoles, this one can be downloaded in smartphones powered by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS free of cost. Meanwhile, the developers at Niantic are reportedly testing ways to monetize this free-to-play game by allowing “sponsored locations.”

While this company mulls plans to take the game mainstream, many new players are getting added as we speak. Not to forget, this game has been officially released in a total of 27 new countries already across the globe, other than the U.S., New Zealand and Australia. Therefore, it’s only obvious that new players from these countries would like to learn about the game-specific terminologies and jargons to sail through the game as smooth as possible.

via: The Big Bag


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