(MULTI) (PDF) – European Illustrated Glossary for Conservation Terms of Wall Painting and Architectonic Surfaces | EwaGlos

The EwaGlos Project

Starting Point
The mobility of conservation specialists in Europe and the tenders of contracts on the European level are increasing at the same speed as the public’s interest in their cultural heritage and the preservation measures shown e.g. at the European Heritage Days. But communication is still difficult because the conservation terminology is not yet standardised in Europe and the dissemination to the general population not sufficient.

As a result, this consortium of seven institutions from seven different European countries with different languages and cultural heritage – supported by associated partners and external experts with another four European languages – developed a richly illustrated glossary, including informative photos and sketches: concise texts and demonstrative illustrations are designed to help readers quickly grasp and understand each term, even across language barriers. The main activities during the 24 months duration was to clarify the terminology of the conservation of wall painting and architectural surfaces among Europe conservation and restoration specialists, to get an excellent translation of the terminology.
The languages are:
English, French, German, Croatian, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish and Bulgarian.
In early october 2015, the glossary will be available to the general public as an inexpensive, not-for-profit print publication and as a free download on the internet.
The book will comprise about 420 pages: introduction, approximately 220 terms, material appendix, 11 indices, literature.

Европейский иллюстрированный словарь
терминов охраны и восстановления
монументальной живописи и архитектурных поверхностей
Русские переводы английских дефиниций
с соответствиями на арабском, болгарском, венгерском, испанском,
итальянском, немецком, персидском, польском, румынском,
турецком, французском, хорватском и японском языках
Научные редакторы
Анжела Вайер, Пилар Роиг Пиказо, Даниэль Поп, Джоанн Кассар,
Айзун Oскёзе, Жан-Марк Валле, Иван Срша
Редактор русского перевода
Юлия Грибер

via: www.ewaglos.eu

Alternative download

PDF file, 269 pages

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