(EN) (PDF) – Glossary of Architectural Terms | gimliheritage.ca


“Over the course of centuries, architects and builders have developed specialized terms to describe their buildings. This section of the guide provides definitions for some of the more common technical terms. It should be used with reference to other Historic Resources Branch materials that are part of this series (specifically Architectural Styles in Manitoba and Historic Construction Materials and Techniques) where technical subjects are also discussed. The contents of this section have been drawn from a larger glossary that is included in a more detailed branch publication, Identifying Architectural Styles in Manitoba. This guide groups terms according to how we generally perceive a building, from the large to the small. Thus we start with some of the terms that help describe a building’s basic form: the plan and roof shape. Terms that distinguish certain construction materials and techniques are presented next. Windows and doors are often a source of great interest for designers and some of the key technical terms associated with those elements are noted here. Finally, the multitude of details that may be applied to a building are introduced, with some of the more common terms defined.

PDF file, 13 pages”

Source: gimliheritage.ca

Seen on: inboxtranslation.com


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