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Molecular Formula

The sortation by molecular formula is particularly suitable for organic compounds. All elements are arranged in alphabetical order. In case of carbon chemistry the next level of differentiation immediately refers to a defined combination of Cx Ely which includes the exact count of each element and may include further elements. Except for C-H compounds elements within a system are sorted alphabetically: CuSO4 → Cu-O-S. Hydrates include the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms in their element system. Therefore copper sulfate hydrate CuSO4 → 3H2O is located in the CuH folder (element system Cu-H-O-S). Deuterium and Hydrogen are separate elements.
Element system
Both element systems and the incorporated elements are sorted alphabetically and arranged in folders. In this system a compound like BaTiO3, e.g., will therefore be found in the folder Ba-O (element system Ba-O-Ti). Substances inside an Element-System are sorted to the priorities

  • Order of Elements in Structural Formula
  • Count of each Element
  • Textual alphabetical sort of entire Structural Formula

Chemical Abstract Numbers (CAS-RN)
The Index by CAS-RN is sorted in ascending order.
Chemical Name
Chemical names are categorised in alphabetical order with the first five characters, without special chars, building the folder’s name. As Chemical names exist in a large variety searching for name fragments via the active search is recommended.
Index of Zeolite compounds.”

Source: lb.chemie.uni-hamburg.de

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