(EN) (PDF) – Coral reef ecosystem science glossary | coralreef.noaa.gov

“This glossary contains nearly 3,000 technical terms, with their definitions, explanations, and illustrative materials where apropos. The aim of the CoRIS glossary is to help the student or layperson, as well as the professional scientist and manager, to understand the complex language and terminology of coral reef ecosystem science when accessing any part of the NOAA Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS), including the scientific and technical literature and data. Habitats and communities adjacent to the coral reefs, such as sea grass meadows, mangrove forests and associated hard and soft substrate habitats are included within the scope of the coral reef ecosystem.

The glossary contains terms concerned with ecology, biogeography, evolution, taxonomy, morphology, physiology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, mapping, development, fisheries, oceanography, geosciences, conservation programs, remote-sensing, physics, chemistry, and data and information management.

The glossary is organized alphabetically by page — A through Z. Literature sources are listed on the References Page.

The entire glossary is also provided as a PDF document (12.7 MB). The document includes all terms, photographs, images, and literature sources.”

Source: coralreef.noaa.gov

PDF file, 642 pages

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