(EN) (PDF) – Illustrated Horological Glossary | nawcc-index.net

“The following pages are by no means an unabridged horological glossary, which could fill volumes. It is rather an easy reference guide for new watch enthusiasts, a helping hand as it were. The next 30 pages contain some of the more common vernacular used within the pages of our catalogues as well as approximately 350 illustrations. As we are firm believers in the old adage “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, we are currently working on a constantly evolving horological lexicon and database which will be available at www.antiquorum.com. We will be keeping you abreast of further developments on this project in future issues of the Vox magazine. Until then, we hope the following will be useful to those of you who have just joined us in the world of horology.”

Source: www.nawcc-index.net

PDF file, 31 pages

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