(EN) – A Glossary of Natural Garden Pest Control Solutions | Barbara Pleasant & Shelley Stonebrook

Faced with a pest problem? Learn a three-tiered approach to natural garden pest control: attract beneficial insects, employ effective physical pest controls such as handpicking and row covers, and use organic pesticides if needed.

An abundance of buzzing, hopping, fluttering and crawling insects is a trademark of any healthy organic garden. This diversity means insects that might feed on your crops are likely to be kept in check by their enemies. In small numbers, pests simply provide food for birds and beneficial insects, and if your soil and crops are healthy, plants fend off the pressure easily. Only when pest populations become excessive do gardeners need to step in to restore balance to keep their gardens thriving.

A good overarching mantra to guide you in your natural garden pest control efforts can be summed up in two words: Look closely. Examine your plants regularly, noting what kinds of insects you see. Observe whether you see just a few of a particular kind of insect or whether populations are growing, and look up …”

Source: www.motherearthnews.com

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