(EN) (FR) – New glossary: Family Law Glossary / Lexique du droit de la famille (Common Law) [revised and augmented version] | tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca

This revised and augmented version of the Family Law Glossary (Common Law) is published as part of a project undertaken in 1981 by the National Program for the Integration of Both Official Languages in the Administration of Justice (POLAJ) to standardize the French terminology of common-law vocabulary. Since the beginning of the project, a series of publications have been produced: the Vocabulaire bilingue de la common law — Droit de la preuve, Canadian Bar Association, 1984; theCanadian Common Law Dictionary — Law of Property and Estates, Yvon Blais Inc., 1997; the Law of Trusts Glossary, Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2005; the Law of Contracts and Law of Torts Glossary (Common Law), Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2008; the Law of Security Glossary (Common Law), Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2009; and the Family Law Glossary (Common Law) Fascicle 1 (2010), Fascicles 2 and 3 (2011), and final version (2013), Public Works and Government Services Canada.

This new edition replaces the first four editions. It contains 1,920 English terms, the French equivalents of which have been standardized. The term-analysis documents were prepared by the Centre de traduction et de terminologie juridiques (CTTJ) in Moncton, which also coordinated the project, the Centre for Legal Translation and Documentation (CLTD) in Ottawa and the Translation and Terminology Centre of the Translation Bureau of Canada (TTC-TB). These centres and the TB worked in collaboration with the Centre de ressources en français juridique in Winnipeg, the Centre canadien de français juridique Inc.(CCFJ) in Winnipeg, and the Paul-André Crépeau Centre for Private and Comparative Law.

The contributions of the jurilinguistic centres to this project have been made possible by funding from the Department of Justice Canada under the Access to Justice in Both Official Languages Support Fund.

The term-analysis documents used by the Standardization Committee and the User Committee to standardize the French equivalents may be consulted on the Website of the Centre de traduction et de terminologie juridiques (CTTJ) (Available only in French) de Moncton.”

Source: www.bt-tb.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca


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