(EN) – Accelerator Glossary of Terms | Jack Standeven & Wally Kissel

“This is a Glossary of accelerator related terms that are pertinent to the Accelerator Division Operations Department, Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory.

In the course of the day to day working with the accelerator there is a bewildering array of “Accelerator Technospeak” used in the Operations Group and other areas of the Accelerator Division. This glossary is meant to be an attempt at helping the uninitiated understand some of the terms and buzz words that are commonly used in everyday communication within the accelerator group and the lab in general.

Since this glossary was created primarily for Operations Department personnel there are some terms included in this glossary that might be confusing or unfamiliar to those outside of the Operations Department. By the same token there are many commonly understood terms used by other Divisions and groups in the lab that are not well known or non existent within the Operations Department. Many terms will not be found within this document. I have included all terms that I have come across or have been submitted for inclusion. I have also included some definitions of obsolete terms and devices since they still exist in accelerator literature and documentation that is internal to the lab.

Although I have attempted to check all of the entries for accuracy there is no guarantee that all of the definitions are accurate or even current. Entries that come from a Rookie Book or other source are referenced. It is hoped that this glossary will be periodically updated with new material. If anybody has any contributions of terms, definitions or sources of other glossaries to be included please feel free to pass them on, even if they are not related to the accelerator division.

I am grateful for the help of Tony Jackson in helping me research and enter terms until we were both sick of it, John Reyna for supplying an extremely long list of suggestions, Dr. Malensek of the Research Division for allowing me to use his glossary of High Energy Physics Terms, Cons Gatusso for typing skills, and the entire Accelerator Division Operations Department for their suggestions and checking the accuracy of my definitions. I would also like to thank my supervisor Bob Mau for allowing me to spend the enormous amount of time that is necessary for a project of this size.”

See on www-bdnew.fnal.gov


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