(EN) (PDF) – CDC Style Guide | Pascale Krumm


“The CDC Style Guidewill help everyone who writes documents ranging from letters to press releases to journal articles. The style guide includes writing guidelines and tips and is designed to save editors and writers time by answering frequently asked questions about grammar, style, punctuation, preferred word usage, and reference styles. In addition, the style guide provides guidelines for producing posters and electronic presentations and for writing for the Web. Finally, the style guide addresses clearance and correspondence procedures, presents reference citation styles, and includes useful appendices. All CDC materials need to be clear and accurate. In addition, these documents should have a uniform look and feel and should reflect and support the CDC identity. Writers tend to develop a personal writing style, usually a mix of commonly accepted grammar rules and preferred stylistic conventions. The CDC Style Guideis meant to be a reference tool, so that everyone at CDC can have a common place to learn about grammatical questions, and make sure that our stylistic choices meet accepted rules. The grammar points in this style guide have been pulled from commonly accepted grammar references such as the AMA Manual of Style,the Chicago Manual of Style, and …”

Stefano KaliFire‘s insight:

PDF file, 170 pages

See on developtraining.files.wordpress.com


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