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“Welcome to TechWeb, the IT professional’s online resource for news coverage of the information technology industry. We know technology news. Our mobile and wireless news coverage moves as fast as wireless technology itself. We follow all the devices you depend on to stay connected. Our software coverage follows the multi-faceted software industry from every angle. We’ve got a lock on network security and computer security issues. We’re all over the business of the Web–the Internet business–and the engines that run it. We have our eyes and ears tuned to the players who make and run the tools that tie us all together–Google, Microsoft, eBay, Cisco, Yahoo, Oracle, Apple, Sony–and scores of others. And we keep close tabs on the backbone of information technology, PC hardware. We know PCs and Apple computers inside and out. We cover computer technology, computer news, software news, search engine news, business software, operating systems, and software development. Our coverage of tech news includes a strong focus on the security business, its attendant spyware and viruses, how security relates to wireless technology and business networking and the security issues surrounding RFID technology. We closely follow developments in Internet news and Internet technology, including the spread of broadband and its effect on Web browsers and the Web business. We watch the VoIP business, and how VoIP technology is affecting the state of telephony in the enterprise. And if all that isn’t enough, we also track developments in the IT industry that affect IT jobs, IT careers, and outsourcing.”

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