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“Find dictionary words for crossword puzzles, code words and word games like Scrabble®, Upwords® and Words With Friends.

The words are from the Enable2k North American word list used in well-known word games. This contains 173,528 words which are mostly US spellings, with some words from other forms of English (such as British). The complete list is public domain and is available to download (1.7MB, one word per line, no definitions).

Because this is a wordlist created especially for word games, it does not contain any hyphenated words, abbreviations, acronyms, or proper nouns (capitalised words). It also does not contain single-letter words such as “I”. Words that have accents are listed without the accents (for example soupçon is shown as soupcon).

If there is enough demand, I may add the Enable2k supplements, and other word lists (especially for British, Australian and Canadian English), and allow you to choose between them.

In common with most dictionaries (other than school dictionaries) the words in the list are uncensored. So, just like in real life, a few words or their definitions may offend some people.”

See on www.morewords.com


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