(CAT) – Introducing Fusion Spell-checking in Xbench 3.0 | apsic.com

“We’re happy to announce that we just released build 6 of ApSIC Xbench 3.0 spell-checking dictionaries. With this build, we are also introducing a new concept: Fusion Spell-checking.

Fusion Spell-checking is indeed a very simple, yet powerful concept: Hunspell dictionaries are very, very fast, but sometimes they wrongly flag a few words as misspellings. For some languages, they can even issue a large number of false positives if that particular dictionary is of lower quality.

And here is where Microsoft Word enters the stage: Whenever Hunspell thinks that a word is a misspelling, it will check Microsoft Word if it also agrees. The offending word will appear on Xbench spell-checking reports only if they both agree.

This collaborative work of Hunspell and Microsoft Word effective means that there are fewer false positives in the spell-checking …”

See on www.apsic.com

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