(EN) (PDF) – Ouarzazate Solar Power Complex: Specific Environmental and Social Impact Assessment | 5Capitals


“The Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN) is planning to construct a 500MW solar power complex in Ouarzazate, to meet the national renewable energy policy objectives. The consortium, lead by ACWA Power has been awarded the first phase of the project, which will produce 160MW using parabolic solar power concentration technology. „5 Capitals Environmental and Management Consulting‟ (5 Capitals) has been commissioned by ACWA Power to undertake the Specific Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (SESIA) for the proposed Ouarzazate Solar Power Complex Ouarzazate (SPC), Phase 1, in Morocco.

The project is situated on a greenfield of the Ait Ogrour Toundout rural community, and falls within the administration of the Ghassate Commune. The proposed project sits adjacent to the national highway connecting Ouarzazate and Errachidia, and is approximately 10Km north east of the city of Ouarzazate and 5Km north of National Road N10. The specific plot for Phase 1 of the SPC has a total area of 450ha, and the electricity generated will be supplied to the Ouarzazate 225/60 KV station located near the complex.

It is understood that construction is expected to last about 28months from Notice to Proceed, followed by 1 year of optimization and demonstrating performance guarantees to reach Final Commercial Operation.”

Stefano KaliFire‘s insight:

PDF file, 222 pages

See on www.masen.org.ma


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