(EN) (ES) (PDF) – Translating Justice: A Spanish Glossary for New York City | City of New York

“The Vera Institute of Justice developed this translated glossary of criminal and juvenile justice terms to serve as a resource for interpreters, translators, and bilingual staff at New York City’s justice and public safety agencies, courts, and nonprofit organizations. We hope the use of this glossary will improve Spanish-speaking New Yorkers’ access to justice, and will assist interpreters, translators, and bilingual staff in providing vital communication—both written and oral—to limited English proficient residents of our city.

The glossary includes 640 legal and criminal justice words and phrases used in New York courts, justice agencies, and nonprofit organizations. The terms are organized both alphabetically and in the following categories—Agency Names, Court Proceedings & Sentencing, Detention & Corrections, Drugs & Weapons, Juvenile Justice, Law Enforcement & Investigations, Penal Law & Offenses, and Probation & Parole. Existing glossaries from New York agencies and other state justice agencies were used as a starting point and ongoing reference for the project.

We commissioned a team of bilingual staff and interpreters to collaboratively generate translations for the terms. Collectively, the translation team had decades of interpreting and translating experience and were representative of the regional diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. Our translation team tirelessly discussed each term and collectively decided on a translation or, in some …”

Stefano KaliFire‘s insight:

PDF file, 50 pages

See on www.nyc.gov


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