(TOOL) – PS_BRAMUS.TextConvert: export PSD2TXT and import TXT2PSD | Bram.us

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“What if you could extract all text strings from a PSD file into a TXT file? Sure, it’s possible, thanks to PS_BRAMUS.TextExport, the PSD2TXT script I wrote a few months ago. Now, what if you wanted to do that in the opposite direction and import strings from a TXT file into a PSD file (viz. TXT2PSD)? Look no further, PS_BRAMUS.TextConvert is here, and does …”

Stefano KaliFire‘s insight:

Script that extracts all text strings from a Photoshop PSD file into a TXT file and imports them back in Photoshop (requires Photoshop).

See on www.bram.us


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