(CAT) – The Basics of Segmentation in OmegaT | Roman Mironov

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“Since OmegaT doesn’t rely on the bilingual files as an intermediary format as other CAT programs do, it doesn’t have the Split segment or Merge segments buttons for splitting or merging segments manually. All of this is done through the segmentation rules. Let’s face it: figuring out how to use these rules isn’t easy. In fact, when we began using OmegaT, we had a few problems with segmentation, too. I remember an urgent team project where a translator erroneously added a segmentation rule that automatically merged all segments ending with “s” with the next segment. And, working under pressure of a tight deadline, we couldn’t even figure out what was causing this! But as we practiced and got more comfortable with them, playing with these rules became easier. I bet you’ll enjoy them, too. I hope this post will help you get …”

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